Outer Banks Flounder Gigging

Outer Banks Flounder Gigging

Flounder gigging is one of those really fun things that too many people just don’t get the chance to ever do.  It takes several variables to align before you can have a great night flounder gigging.  There are so few places along the east coast where all these criteria meet and produce great flounder gigging.  It just so happens that one of those places is the North Carolina Outer Banks!  Outer Banks Flounder Gigging is amazing!  It’s almost like the Outer Banks were created to provide the perfect flounder gigging habitat.

Flounder gigging requires shallow, clear water.  It also requires a sandy bottom, and (last but certainly not least) flounder!  With all those conditions present for several months each year, North Carolina’s Outer Banks is the perfect place.  We flounder gig at night.  We employ several methods of gigging strategy depending on location and conditions.  If the water is shallow, we often flounder gig by wading along.  We use special bright lights to illuminate the water enough to distinguish a sedentary flounder’s outline.  If the water is too deep to comfortably wade, we gig from the bow of my skiff.  In that scenarito, we use high-powered lights mounted on a custom bracket to the bow.  It lights up the bottom of the Pamlico Sound like the noon time!  A resting flounder is no match with this much light.  You’ll be surprised how fun and effective flounder gigging really is.

Gigging is the best way possible to target GIANT NC flounder.  We often see several over 25 inches in a given night.  If you’re looking for some prime flounder filets, gigging is the trip for you.  But be careful: flounder gigging on the NC Outer Banks can be very addictive.  I’ve been flounder gigging for over 27 years along the NC OBX.  I’d like the chance to put my experience to work for you with a flounder gigging trip.    If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.  You can also check dates and availability online.  I look forward to stalking out some NC flounder with you soon.  But be careful: flounder gigging on the NC Outer Banks can be very addictive.

You do NOT even need to buy your fishing license.  I have a NC recreational fishing blanket license.  Save that money, and buy some ice for all the flounder you gig!

What to bring:

  • Camera (with flash)
  • Comfortable old pair of wading shoes (Old Sperry Topsiders work great!)
  • Bug Spray (Typically you won’t need it but just in case.)
  • Cooler With Drinks and Snacks
  • Rain Jacket (even if the weatherman says no rain in forecast)
  • A couple towels

Outer Banks Flounder Gigging

Capt. Joey Vandyke

Outer Banks Fishing Captain